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Thanks to Our Patients

Giselle Laberge

5 Stars Rating

My husband and I were looking for a new dentist and saw Dundas & Main Dentistry as we were driving by one day. We booked appointments for ourselves and our 2 young children. We were nervous about going to the dentist, as it had been years since we had seen one, and it was our kids' first time, but the experience was great. Everyone was so very kind and easy to talk to. The dentist was very informative and educated us about how to take care of our teeth and how to improve on our dental health. The staff was so accommodating and great with my kids.

James Mullin

5 Stars Rating

I was looking for a new dentist, so I took advantage of their special package (complete dental and gum exam, with X-rays and cleaning) to see how things stood. Very pleased with the exam attention to detail of both tooth and gum health -- and the building of a computer map of my mouth. Followup visits to have her fix my teeth were also handled with attention to detail and clear explanations of the various options. Relaxing music was played while I was in the chair. This a new (2018) location (in a building shared with a doctor and pharmacy), so the equipment is all up-to-date.