Adult Orthodontics

  • Anterior Open bite 3mm, 2mm Overjet (clinically & from study model)
  • Upper and lower anterior crowding
  • A slight shift of the lower midline toward the left side. 2mm shift of the upper midline to the right due to missing UR4
  • Wide buccal corridor space
  • Canine class I bilaterally
  • Missing LR6, LL6 + UR4
  • Over erupted UR6 toward space of the missing LR6
  • Mesially tilted LR7, LL7 and UR5


  • Skeletal open bite (long face syndrome) associated with anterior dental open bite 3mm
  • Dolichofacial (vertical) growth pattern
  • Skeletal Class II associated with bimaxillary protrusion

Treatment Plan

  • Fixed orthodontic appliance therapy which includes intrusion of the upper 1st molars by the aid of RCS wires or micro-screws TADs which in the same time lead to correction of the anterior open bite
  • Relief upper & lower incisor crowding by means of interproximal stripping as the patient refused the EXO. Option to recline upper & lower incisors & relief crowding beside the advantage of closing the ant. Open bite plus centre midlines shift
  • Long retention of the upper arch by using Hawley retainer with posterior bite plate or crowning of the upper 1st molars, plus upper & lower fixed permanent retention
  • Restoration of LL6,LR6 missing space by dental prosthesis at the end of orthodontic treatment
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