Crowding Non-Extraction

  • Canine class I, the tendency to class III bilaterally
  • Molar class I left side, class III right side ½ cusp mostly due to early loss of milky molar without space maintainer
  • Overjet 3mm, Overbite 2mm (clinically & from study model )
  • Mild crowding at the lower anterior region & lower premolar area
  • LR 2, LL3 are distally tipped. 1mm shift of the lower midline toward left
  • Upper incisors are big
  • UR3, UL3 are mesially tipped



  • Skeletal class I
  • Dental class I
  • Mild lower anterior & posterior crowding
  • Bolton upper anterior



  • The patient dentally & skeletally is class I
  • Lower anterior & posterior mild crowding(-3mm) associated with a mild shift of the lower midline toward the left side(-1mm) which indicates space creation
  • by interproximal stripping in addition to mild proclination of lower incisors(1-degree proclination).
  • Upper anterior bolton (big size upper incisors -2mm ) associated with mild proclination (2 degrees=1mm each side)which indicates also some interproximal stripping

Treatment Plan

Fixed orthodontic appliance therapy for upper & lower dental arches associated with interproximal stripping in upper & lower incisor area.

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