Crowding Exo Case

  • Class I molar and canine relationship
  • Overjet 1 mm. , Overbite 2 mm
  • Lower midline shift 2 mm to the right
  • Buccally malposed canines in the upper bilaterally & lower right side
  • LL5 in buccal crossbite
  • Space deficiency in the upper arch 8 mm
  • Space deficiency in the lower 6 mm + 2 mm midline shift ( take in consideration lower incisor proclination by 4 degrees which will add 2 mm deficiency), so total 10 mm

Diagnosis & Conclusion

Class I malocclusion (crowding) due to tooth /arch size discrepancy

Class I Skeletal and Dental relationship
Class I malocclusion (severe crowding in the upper & lower dental arch) due to the disproportion between tooth size/arch size (discrepancy)
The amount of space deficiency, overbite, lower incisor proclination, lower midline shift, class I molar relationship & soft tissue profile would prefer Extraction solution for treating the crowding

Treatment Plan

Fixed orthodontic therapy including:

  • TPA and LA (high anchorage needed)
  • EXO. of the 1st premolars
  • Sectional retraction of the buccally malposed canines
  • Correct lower midline shift
  • Space closure
  • Finishing and Retention
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