Class II Growth

  • Class II Molar & Canine Relationship Bilaterally
  • O.J= 6mm , O.B = 5mm
  • Deep overbite
  • Increased curve of Spee
  • Bilateral maxillary posterior crossbite
  • Maxillary constriction, narrow palate
  • Sever upper anterior crowding, mild lower anterior crowding
  • 2mm shift of lower midline to the left side


  • Skeletal class II due to mandibular retrognathism
  • Dental class II div.1
  • Bilateral maxillary posterior crossbite due to maxillary constriction
  • Deep over-bite associated with the increased curve of Spee
  • Sever upper dental crowding, mild lower anterior dental crowding

Treatment Plan

  • ENT consultation
  • A maxillary bilateral expansion, RME, using hyrax expander.
  • Fixed orthodontic therapy associated with class II mechanics
  • Reduction of the deep bite by levelling curve of Spee using lower incisor proclination rather than extraction because they are severely retroclined
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